The High-Tech Launch Mechanism designed to impress

The EFX Robot Launch Mechanism

About Its Creator

Kiki Tay

Creator & Designer

  The EFX Robot is the brainchild of its creator Kiki Tay. A prominent name in the Arts & Entertainment industry, Kiki is also the Brand Ambassador of Science Centre Singapore. promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) in a number of his work.

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The Technology Behind the EFX Robot...


Laser-Line Sight for alignment

Wireless Camera & Telemetry

The Technology

20,000mAh Rechargable Lithium Polymer Battery

Emergency Cut-Off Switch

Dynamixel Serial Servos with 18kg/cm torque.

24” Linear Actuator with > 20Kg lift capability

The Power :

Wireless Camera – Remotely monitored and controlled without requiring a direct line-of-sight.

Laser-Line Sight for alignment

2.4Ghz Radio Controller with Telemetry

Gyro-assisted steering

Controls :

Laser Effects

200 Individually Addressable LEDs with Video Capability.

Micro Smoke Machine

Additional Features : 

Arduino Mega 2650 16Hz

Individual Programmable 20Amp Motor Driver for each wheel

The Brain :

Remote Monitor & Control

A Launch Event, Taken Seriously.

The EFX Robot was originally created as a Robot Assistant in “The EFX Show”. It has also been used in numerous exhibitions, trade shows as well as an educational tool in techonology related talks and seminars

More than just a launch gimmick...

Find out more about The EFX Show here

The Ultimate Launch Mechanism

  Used in numerous occasions by the President of Singapore, The EFX Robot is the ULTIMATE Launch Mechanism for any event aiming to unveil a product or message with style. With its highly customizable interface and high-tech nature, businesses related to technology or with a futuristic outlook will benefit from its modern futuristic theme and memorable appeal.

The Launch Mechanism is constantly upgraded to meet client’s feedbacks and demands. And when new and innovative technologies are introduced and made available. Follow our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest upgrades & advancements.

Enquiries & Availability

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